Facial massage - action, indications, contraindications, execution


Thinking of massage, usually we imagine massage your back, shoulders, neck. In fact, the massage can be any part of the body. Particular attention should be paid to the healing and nourishing properties of facial massage. It is used in the treatment of diseases affecting the muscles of the face and skin, but you also have to remember its rejuvenating effect. Over time, our skin loses elasticity and flexibility and appear on her wrinkles. Symptoms of skin aging can be ameliorated just using facial massage, performed by a specialist or alone.


Facial massage - indications and contraindications

Facial massage was applied in the treatment of facial palsy, post-operative treatment, reducing swelling, relieving scars and wrinkles, treating some skin problems, firming, smoothing and release toxins. Massage is also a way for lymphatic drainage facial and regulate water management. It relaxes - can relieve muscle tension, calms.
On the face massage should not decide to pregnant women and people suffering from:
  • lichen;
    and suppurative inflammation in the oral cavity;
    swollen glands;
    state purulent tonsillitis;
    high pressure;
    advanced arteriosclerosis;


Facial massage - action

Using facial massage, we influence the systems: circulatory, lymphatic, nervous and hormonal. The biggest, however, is its effect on the skin and muscles of the face. As a result of facial massage our skin takes on a pink color, which indicates the blood circulation and vasodilation. As a result, our skin is better oxygenated. At the same time the dead skin is removed, so that the skin breathes better, and the action is more effective cosmetics. Facial massage stimulates skin renewal, tones and strengthens it. It's not just smoothing wrinkles: the creation of new wrinkles is slowed.


Facial massage - execution

There are many techniques of massage of the face, and one of them is a classic technique, which is a healing and pielęgnująco. It is extremely important when the delicacy of the movements. On the face it consists of a whole network of blood vessels, nerve endings and a lot of muscle, and with everything that you need to be handled gently. Surrendering to the face massage exercised by the masseur, you will be positioned themselves in the supine position. Facial massage is performed with natural essential oils, so you quickly achieve the effect of relaxation. Keep in mind that massages the face is not just a face care: this procedure consists of the neck massage. During the treatment, the masseur will execute the movements of stroking, rubbing, kneading and oklepujące.
This facial is also possible at home. To do this, you must first perform a face scrub and gently dry the face with a towel. Massage is performed from bottom to top. At first, it should be gentle, and over time may become more intense. Starting from the neck, we follow the circular motion of both hands to the face. We massage the chin from the center towards the ears. Also, circular motions massage her lips. We do not forget about the eyes - we start from the inside of the eye, to the arc brwiowemu, through the outer part of the eye, lower eyelid and back to the center of the eye. Fingertips lightly squeezed the inner corners of the eyes. Forehead massage from the center to the sides and slightly upward.
Massaging the face is not only a great way to relax after a hard day, but also a way to preserve youth. The skin massage our skin looks smooth and radiant, and wrinkles are smoothed.