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Namaste is a combination of words derived from Sanskrit that literally translate as "I bow to you." This Indian salutation is recognized all over the world and frequently spoken while holding your palms together in front of your chest, fingers pointing upward. Reiki is a combination of Japanese words that roughly translates as "spiritual energy."Reiki is a light-touch healing art that was created by Buddhists in Japan around 1920. It is a gentle, very subtle practice which promotes balance in body, mind and spirit. Science does not yet have a full explanation as to why Reiki is effective, but studies have shown that because Reiki targets a relaxation response, this in turn reduces stress and anxiety, which are two daily factors known to disrupt and inhibit the body•s own natural ability to heal itself. While every client and session is unique, an improved sense of well-being has been noted as a universally shared result, just one of the many mental and physical benefits arising from improved sleep patterns, a common experience for individuals who frequent Reiki treatment.Reiki is a specifically non-intrusive massage style that can never cause harm. It works well with medical treatments to help reduce side effects and discomfort. Clients can remain fully clothed and Reiki can be done with hands a few inches from the body for those uncomfortable with light touch. Reiki is always done with great respect for each client•s particular needs.Helenna has over the years developed her own unique 'Western' approach to this 'Far-East' derived therapy - Namaste Reiki represents her deep respect for Oriental tradition and the original Buddhist technique she spent years learning, researching, and practicing. For those clients who seek the relaxation properties of Reiki, but are also experiencing aching muscles, a sore area, or any kind of problem spot, while the recommended duration for a session is 60 minutes, if you need additional attention, Elena will be happy to accommodate you. Her commitment to your satisfaction, combined with her vast knowledge and past experience with the other major therapeutic disciplines, gives Elena the unique ability to incorporate additional techniques when necessary to achieve the most effective and satisfying results for her clients.It's Helenna's devotion to her patients well-being, from using only the highest quality oils and creams to her quest to acquire the perfect musical background accompaniment, that has earned her a loyal following. Set up an appointment today to experience the pinnacle of mind/body massage therapies that will have you saying "Namaste!"


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